As part of lifelong skills training for the ASEAN Youth Biodiversity Leaders (YBL), the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) in collaboration with Positive Workplaces offered a Positive Leadership Training for YBLs and members of Global Youth Biodiversity Network Southeast Asia (GYBN SEA). The training was held virtually over 6 days in September 2021. Read what Yin Yin Htay, 2020 YBL for Myanmar, learnt from the training:


From this 6 days learning journey, I have learned about Leadership skill and concepts in details. First of all, I learned principle of leadership which includes powers base and cultures. secondly, I learned positive leadership in crisis management including pillars of positive leadership and creating a culture of abundance. Thirdly, I learned the strategy of positive leadership including type of goals and how to establish Everest goal individually. In addition, I have learned types of leadership and it’s competencies for each types. Finally, I learned how to create individual road map to achieve goals.

Understanding principle of leadership and learning to be a positive leader helps me to balance in leading my team. I understand more on how to use my competencies in working with others through out this training. Learning together with different people from different country also gave me a chance to learn from their perspectives. From this training, I become more aware to focus on my strengths to build my goal for conservation journey in the future. It was fun and comfortable to be in this training because all participants are very friendly and seem very humble to each other.


[This] training is relevant in my conservation work because I am working with young fellows, coastal community, and other stakeholders in conducting necessary research for conservation works so I need to communicate them well and share visions, delegate tasks for the team. So this training helps me to know and understand types of powers and culture well in order to influence them in a positive way. The strategy of giving feedback in a positive way also gives me lots of insights in working and leading team in implementing research goal. In addition, understanding strengths and leadership style helps me to lead the team in the right way to achieve the common goal. This training gives me insights of how to influence community to make aware and understand the importance of ecosystem and natural resource in their area.