Survey the land and make a map to demarcate the area for people to stop using the forest land to engage in agricultural production in the Phu Xieng Thong National Park.

Changing wildlife cameras in 3 districts and 2 provinces

Wildlife seen from a camera trap

Removing snares in Nam Poui National Protected Area

Snare the wildlife killer

Dried animal parts were confiscated and burned


Focus Group Discussion, one of the components of Biodiversity Monitoring System, conducted at the Mounts Iglit-Baco National Park (MIBNP) Station 1, facilitated by MIBNP-PAMO staff and attended by members of the Community Monitoring Group from the Tao-Buid Tribe.

3rd Regular Protected Area Management Board (PAMB) Meeting, 18 August 2021 ((C) MIBNP-PAMO)

October is Tamaraw Month. Tamaraw are also known as “Mindoro dwarf buffalo”, endemic to Mindoro. Seen here is Forester Jan Lloyd Balon presenting during the Tamaraw Talks, a webinar and a major activity for the Tamaraw Month.